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Freeport Maine


What to do in Freeport Maine in May. Well, this is the an outlet town. So if you like shopping, you’re in luck. However, that’s not all it is. The original 24 hour LL Bean is located here as well. What, that’s not enough? I think this is a great town for a few reasons. First off, it’s only 45 minutes out of Portland, which is an arts aware city with tons of attractions for everyone. But Freeport itself is a cool little getaway.

I stayed at the Freeport Inn. It was a nice quiet hotel right on the edge of town. In front of the Freeport Inn was a diner people told me had the best breakfast in town. I had an omelet and homefries and it was delicious. As far as it being the best, I wouldn’t know if it was the very best in town as I didn’t try everywhere. But it was also very affordable, so great combination.

At night, I went to two places. Linda Bean’s Maine Kitchen right across from LL Bean is a restaurant that serves all local beer and 2 steps above pub food. The menu looked appetizing, and the prices weren’t outrageous for what they were offering. I didn’t eat here however. Their selection of local beers was outstanding.

Next, I went to a brewpub called Gritty’s. And like anytime I have the opportunity to hit a a joint that brews it’s own potions, I did a flight. Most of the beer was excellent with Black Flystout being my favorite. A very mild stout with a coffee finish that would even appeal to those who don’t typically appreciate stout. My least favorite was Best Bitter which lived up to it’s bitter name for me. I was told it’s a favorite of the locals however, so to each their own. I also tried the chicken wings. I ordered hot, because I love a hot but delicious wing. They were very tasty, but not at all hot.

The people at both places were extremely friendly. Staff and patrons were welcoming to this upstate New York fellow and made my trip to Maine a pleasure. For a nice mellow couple of days by yourself or with your significant other,  I recommend Freeport Maine.

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Birmingham Alabama

It’s finally here! Sorry folks. I’ve been traveling so much it’s been hard to edit. Birmingham is one of the best places I’ve been for local beer and food. Met some great people as well. All of the music provided by, and with permission from Through The Sparks.

Thanks to everyone who was a part of this episode. The Destination Guy is a product of Caffeinated Buddha

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